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Our software is 100% self-developed from scratch. New ideas and hard work are what make our project genuine! And we don't stop here. Share your ideas with our team, we will be happy to incorporate them into our future updates and make this journey in the streaming world together. After all, everything will be based on your needs. We are here to make streaming easier and safer for you.

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Easy to use

We design this panel, in a way to be easy to use. All the necessary functions are fully automated, through a wide range of options provided to you. For any issue you experience, our skilled team is here to support you.

Fast Support

Our support team is always at your service! Whatever question or wondering you have, they will be more than happy to help and support your journey on our platform 24/7! Just send us a ticket with your query and help will be 'on the way'!

Unlimited Scale

Our software scales as your number of customers increases. In our solution, you can combine multiple servers together with just a few clicks. When a customer connects they will be auto-redirected to a server with less load than the others or based on your desired settings.

High-Level Security

We provide multiple logs for each connection made by your customer. We can also recognize if an ISP belongs to a VPN Service, DataCenter, or a Proxy, and our software blocks it right away. Locking Subscriptions by IPs, Countries, and Number of connections is also possible.

Transcoding System

Transcoding is a digital-to-digital conversion of one type of encoded data (video or audio) to another, often because the target device that will be used to display the content requires a smaller file size.

TV Archive & Timeshift

A custom function that let users use the 'time-machine' of before stream parts that they missed.


Multiple output methods to support all kinds of devices and players.


RTMP is a TCP-based protocol that maintains persistent connections and allows low-latency communication.


Auto-Block, Proxies, Billing and etc.

Easy Migration From Other Panels

Provide us with the old system data and the system will automatically migrate just by running two simple commands.


With fingerprint option you can print a specific graphic or text on a line or device.

Block Security Tools

Block IPS/CIDR And User-Agent Including Other Security Tools.

Load Balancers

Add Unlimited Load Balancers

Fully Configurable

RoadRunner Engine Included

Official Monthly SubscriptionSoftware Package

Standalone Software

Easy to Use

Unlimited Scale

High Level Security

Continuously Updated

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One stream Complies to Standards and Regulations Certificates

iso 001:2015
ISO 9001:2015Certificate no.: 22559 C
EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017
EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017Certificate no.: 22559 SI

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Here are some of our software screenshots. There is a large range of function that our software offers. Checkout and get started for more content.

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Check Out Our Video Tutorials

These tutorials will help you to configure the software regarding to your needs.

How to create a line.

How to add a user.

How to addd a MAG Device.

How to add a Server/LB.

How to add proxy technology.

How to add package.