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1-Stream is a standalone software ONLY! We DO NOT provide or sell ANY CONTENT!

About Our Software1-Stream software is a standalone streaming software that allows users to stream their services. Through our installation guide, you can easily set up the software on your server and start using it. Before installing it into your server you have to bear in mind there are hardware restrictions and minimum requirements for our software to work as it should.R&DFor more than 2 years of Research & Development team has achieved almost perfect software in terms of UX/UI and functionality. Our software combines the latest technologies to provide a smooth experience and support many devices on the market with less configuration effort.Security & CopyrightThe core engine of our software makes it robust against vulnerable parts because our software uses the latest encryption technologies & Video Encrypting Architecture (DRM) protecting against unwanted harms.
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EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017Certificate no.: 22559 SI